BIFMA Certification in saudi arabia and riyadh

BIFMA Certification

Increment in the lifespan and durability of your institutional and business furniture by accomplishing BIFMA Certification in Saudi for your organization.

What is BIFMA Certification?

To hold your office furniture for many years with no mileage, acquire BIFMA Certification for your organization to expand the period of usability of your furnishings.

BIFMA – Business and Institutional furniture manufacturers organization laid out in 1973, is the not-for-benefit exchange affiliation created by a joint board of BIFMA by unison process portrayed by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). BIFMA Certification is a deliberate standard for business and institutional furniture makers to oversee and foster the furniture business. It is for the most part connected with leading, planning, creating, advocating, exhorting, and making models for the workplace and institutional furniture industry. The reliability and strength of office furniture keep workplaces running. BIFMA Certification tends to numerous things like safety, sustainability, social obligation, durability and strength, recyclability and reused content, chemical substance and outflows, reliability, overall quality, flammability, and electrical parts, material, and energy effectiveness.

Presently, BIFMA Certification is acknowledged as the boundary of furniture quality and security that gives a solid discussion to accomplish more prominent manageability credits. Producers who get the level Certification mark are checking that their arrangements and rules of giving the furniture world apply to BIFMA plans. An intentional normalization of manageable furnishings and parts are meeting the rigid necessities of the BIFMA standard. Organizations can pick the degree of standard of BIFMA. BIFMA lays out specific furniture blemishes on the particular scale

  • Materials
  • Energy and atmosphere
  • Human and ecosystem health
  • Social responsibility

On these four rules, the manufacturer gets focuses on assembling offices and organizations in general.

Level 1 Certification – 32-44 point 

Level-2 Certification – 44-62 point

Level-3 Certification – 63-100 point

Benefits of BIFMA Certification

  • BIFMA certificate provides assurance and preference to your customers and stakeholders on the economic, social, and environmental standards of the products.
  • Your product is certified to meet the International standard of furniture products’ quality maintenance and development.
  • There is an ongoing improvement in your organization.
  • Supports your internal sustainable objectives.
  • Customers and shareholders have confidence & trust in you.
  • Foresee risks and opportunities. Prepare yourself systematically, in advance for it.
  • Product quality is promoted to meet BIFMA requirements.
  • Mandates continuous monitoring & measurement of the processes that prevent unintended derailments.

Requirements of BIFMA Certification

Enterprises/ Industries require to meet necessities to meet specific prerequisites with BIFMA Certification.

  • Reason for evaluating products as per BIFMA standard
  • Guarantee effective conformance with the standard
  • Directing testing of the products
  • Guarantee productive utilization of materials
  • Utilization of energy and resources
  • Suitable synthetic constituents utilized in furniture
  • Guarantee upkeep of facilities utilized
  • Get ready product conformance records
  • Lead internal audit

Which organization needs BIFMA Certification?

BIFMA Certification is a voluntary standard for business and institutional furniture manufacturers who manufacture furniture for the commercial furniture industry.

Why do you need BIFMA Certification?

 Organizations with BIFMA Certification have gained the sustainability of their furniture for years and years by providing safety, durability, reliability, overall quality, flammability, and environmentally-conscious design and reduction in waste and water management.

BIFMA Certification process in Saudi Arabia

Strength of Ascent SAUDI

  • Ascent Saudi is a group of well-trained consultants and experts knowing of over 18 years.
  • We are experts in this field covering almost all types of industries. We audit, train, and guide the organization and employees to meet the certification standard in all parts of Riyadh, Jeddah, Al-Khobar, and Dammam.
  • We provide enhanced and efficient relationships and services found nowhere else in India.
  • We tell our clients every detail of where they are good and where they can be improved to meet the International stature.
  • With us, clients are most secured based on training and product markings.
  • Ascent Saudi experts guide you about the inadequate resources that will resolve various problems in the achievement of certification.
  • Hiring Ascent Saudi can guide you with proper budget knowledge without you paying additional expenses.
  • Ascent Saudi facilitates in-depth and professional auditing services that are significantly more stringent than the audits done by certification bodies. This ensures no failure during external audits.
  • Ascent Saudi utilizes methods of making use of available resources within the organization that helps reduce expenses.
  • Ascent Saudi works 24X7, to cater to the needs of its customers all over the world. This gives you ample opportunity to demand our services even during the odd hours and holidays.
  • Ascent Saudi has a general practice of complete analysis before an offer is given. It is extremely improbable that the total expenditure goes beyond the budgeted figures unless there are special requirements from the client’s end. “Not a single penny extra”, is a general motto that each Ascent Saudi employee abides by.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BIFMA testing?
ANSI/BIFMA put in place common standards for the industry and institutional furniture including Desk and table products meant for use in a commercial office environment. Testing facilities that the products comply with BIFMA protocols.
What is the cost of BIFMA Certification in Saudi Arabia?

The cost of a BIFMA Certificate depends on the size of an organization and the type of products your organization wants to use.

How to level the product according to BIFMA levels?

The products are bifurcated into multiple levels of criteria of achievement and performance for manufacturers at different stages of their sustainability journey.

What is the validity of the BIFMA Certification?
The validity of the BIMFA Certification is for 3 years with yearly surveillance and re-certification after the expiry of the certificate.
What is the scope of BIFMA Certification?
  • The standard demands that organizations meet multiple levels of performance
  • It applies to all types of businesses irrespective of their size, shape, turnover, etc such as

Tables Desking system

    1. Seating and accessories
    2. Movable walls
    3. System furniture and much more without limitations
  • It is also applicable to raw materials manufactured used in the manufacturing of furniture

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