With a pandemic going on, reconstructing the trust in food safety for customers could be a challenge. Fortunately, there is a thorough food safety management system framework to guarantee the nature of food in your café/ restaurant. This is a significant stage to help your customers’ trust and, simultaneously, endure the troublesome seasons of the pandemic.

Read till the finish of this article to find out about the food safety management system in the F&B business and how it can help your food service business.

What is Food Safety Management System?

The food safety management system refers to an extensive cycle covering a standard survey of food administration. It is applied to all phases of management, including food selection, arrangement, preparation, display, packaging, as well as conservation. The fundamental target of this framework is to affirm that each food is appropriately served to customers while fulfilling the well-being guideline controlled by the relevant authority of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) is the Saudi government agency responsible for establishing regulations and standards concerning food, unprocessed, and processed animal feed products.  It is also responsible for the inspection of locally produced and imported food products. SFDA determines if these products meet all the standards and regulations established by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO), which is the quality regulations and standards-setting agency of the Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

The SFDA’s Saudi Food and Animal Feed Acts were issued and implemented in 2016.  The Saudi Food Act covers all stages of the food chain to ensure food safety, quality improvement, and the protection of consumer health by minimizing food-related risks. The Saudi Feed Act applies to all stages of the feed chain to guarantee animal feed safety.  Its purpose is to safeguard human health from harmful substances resulting from feeding animals unsafe feed.  Both imported and locally produced food and feed products are subject to the same food safety regulations and labelling requirements.

This framework will likewise check all food components with respect to their quality, wellbeing, and reasonableness for the overall population. For example, it proposes that the food planning should satisfy the cleanliness guidelines; the food should be kept fresh and protected at the right temperature; the presentation or packaging should be free from any contamination that may be unsafe to customers.

The Importance of Food Safety Management System

As well as giving the best food management system to customers, one more eminent meaning of the food safety framework is business insurance. It keeps entrepreneurs from any potential issues since they have guaranteed that their food management system satisfies the guideline of food guidelines.

On account of its overall application, the framework is additionally useful in giving similar information to the proprietors and all workers. With this framework, everybody will have similar data and standards in maintaining the food management business. These outcomes in expanded proficiency and efficiency in each part of the café/restaurant.

The food management system is viewed as more significant during conditions such as this when a pandemic is as still going on in most regions. Those applying the framework have an ISO 22000 Certificate to ensure that the food they serve is entirely protected and reasonable to eat; consequently, will not obstruct any worry from customers.

Advantages of Having a Food Safety Management System

Including a food safety management system, and an executive’s framework in your café/restaurant brings a colossal benefit to the business. Here is a portion of its enormous advantages:

  • Support your benefits and save the business over the long run.
  • Stay away from the hazards of food contamination or any destructive impacts on the customers.
  • Boost the food safety management protocols and improve quality.
  • Give a specific assurance that you are consistent with the public authority guideline in regard to the FSMS.
  • Make it more straightforward to coordinate each step of handling, delivering, and serving food in your café/restaurant.
  • Advance the efficiency and proficiency of collaboration between your representatives.


All in all, running a food safety management system is the development in the executives’ framework of your cafe’/restaurant. ISO 22000 Certification is basically as significant as running the café/restaurant itself. It will assist you with ensuring that each step of the food management system, from preparation to conservation, is done appropriately and conforms to the ISO 22000 food safety management system of food safety in the cafe’/restaurant.

Applying ISO 22000 to the cafe’/restaurant helps to cater to the need of customers demanding fresh and prepared foods. ISO 22000 Certification helps to cater to the increasing, demand by creating new opportunities for your business.

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