HACCP Audit in saudi arabia and Jeddah


To successfully obtain HACCP Certification in Saudi, conduct a HACCP audit

HACCP Audit is a management strategy that addresses food safety through the analysis and management of biological, chemical, and physical risks throughout the production, handling, and distribution of raw materials as well as the manufacture, distribution, and consumption of finished goods. This scientific-methodical approach reduces the likelihood that people will become ill, get wounded, or die as a result of contaminated food by helping to manage food safety.

When the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) asked Pillsbury to create and produce the first foods for space flights in the 1960s, the idea for HACCP Certification was born.

Why HACCP Audit?

In just a few short years, the field of food safety and consistency has advanced significantly. Our examples of how the consuming pattern of food has changed along with our methods of living. These developments have changed how food is created, produced, and cooked, as well as how it is moved and stored.

Governments, regulators, and industry sectors all have needs that must be met along with those of the global economy for businesses to remain competitive.

Accepting Your Certificate of HACCP Compliance

HACCP Audit had become a necessity in many nations to protect the public’s health. The food agencies are urging the workforce to strongly recommend the remaining organization’s to adopt the HACCP in the food inventory network.

Obtaining a HACCP consistency certification is regarded as a good business practice if you are a food processor, producer, packaging facility, or provider of food cooking services. Different businesses in your supply chain for food or customers may demand that you have to undergo an official HACCP inspection as a condition of your supplier agreement. Setting up a publicly recognized food safety protocol in the case that your company isn’t HACCP compliant is not just accepted as a smart judgment, it does not make good commercial sense too.

Program for HACCP Audit Compliance

The Ascent SAUDI incorporates an evaluation along with the HACCP pre-essential programs and the seven essential principles for food safety.

  • Process for Hazard Analyzing Risk
  • Important Critical control Checkpoints (CCPs)
  • Important Critical Limits (CLs)
  • Tracking the Plan Process
  • Corrective measures
  • Verifications
  • Documentation

HACCP requirements must be following those for the production or manufacturing facility, the equipment used there, the capacity and transportation of products, the staff responsible for caring for those items, and the recall procedure. Techniques for observing various stages of the production cycle, as well as a methodology for managing deviations, verification, and record-keeping, should be included in the frameworks used by the executives.

HACCP Certification Benefits

HACCP Audit regularly benefits your company in a wide range of ways:

  • Confidence in your ability to deliver a product or service safely and reliably, both with the general public and with stakeholders.
  • Effective risk management enables you to identify risks and mitigate them through continuous innovation and risk management techniques. This reduces the possibility of food contamination and recalls, as well as their impact.
  • Industry Acceptance and Recognition increase your organization’s market recognition and, more importantly, allows you more freedom and openness to conduct business both locally and internationally.

Our HACCP Audit evaluation process includes

  • Supplying a supporting audit plan for the facility’s management team to review
  • Opening meeting with top management to provide an overview and fundamental understanding of the HACCP audit process’s structure
  • Carrying out the on-site audit examination.
  • Final meeting with top management to offer executives a summary of the findings from the HACCP audit assessment.
  • Performing annual surveillance audits necessary to maintain your consistent status and adhere to the standard criteria.

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