ISO 14001 Certification in saudi arabia and riyadh

ISO 14001 Certification: Environmental Management System

Take Your Organization to helping nature and preventing pollutions by acquiring ISO 14001 Certification in Saudi Arabia

What is ISO 14001 Certification?

ISO 14001 is a management system standard that characterizes the new Integrated Environmental Management System (EMS) focused on natural resources assurance and improvement as per the sound and quantitative goals of an organization. ISO 14001 standard is pointed toward working on ecological execution by further developing the administration framework.

An ISO 14001 environmental management system is “part of the management system used to manage environmental elements, meet compliance duties, and address risks and opportunities,” according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). An approach to continuous improvement can be achieved by following the well-known plan-do-check-act (PDCA) methodology with the ISO 14001 standard’s structure.

ISO 14001 is a Management System standard developed by ISO, which states requirements to prevent pollution and establish enhanced sustainability globally.

ISO 14001 is a standard from the group of ISO 14000 guidelines created by the International Organization for Standardization. This standard assists an organization to structure a guide that they value the ecosystem. The primary focal point of this ISO 14001: 2015 standard is to recognize compelling means for reducing possibly unsafe effects on the environment efficiently.

ISO 14001 is a universally acknowledged standard in getting the focus towards Environmental sustainability, and around 360,000 ISO 14001 certifications are issued worldwide. This standard not just aids your business acquisition so it decreases its effect on the environment yet additionally drives you to diminish waste, further develop products, and cut down the additional regulatory costs.

Benefits of 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 Certification benefits cannot be neglected. An organization implementing ISO 14001 standard has a great effect, as mentioned:

  • The organization can identify Environmental Issues
  • The organization can identify Environmental Aspects & Impacts; monitor the significance of Aspects & Impacts; Identify environmental Risks & Opportunities; Identify and implement Operational Controls.
  • Engagement of employees is involved
  • Stakeholder’s confidence is gained
  • Environmental performance of suppliers is enhanced.
  • The benefit of credibility of international stature.
  • Organizations get a financial and competitive advantage.
  • Builds an appropriate system to control and monitor environmental performances.
  • Mandates continuous monitoring & measurement of the processes that prevent unintended derailments.

Requirements of ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001:2015 Standard presents HIL structure, utilizing obligatory definitions, and consolidating normal principles prerequisites, and statements. General requirements of ISO 14001 Certification are:

  • Environment management should be a part of an organization’s strategic planning.
  • Leaders should give a greater commitment to the environmental management system.
  • Organizations should consider environmental aspects from development to end of life.
  • Stakeholders should be given more focus on communication strategy.
  • Organizations have an Environmental Manual, Procedures, Operational Controls, and specific formats.
  • Organizations identify and move towards fulfilling Environmental Objectives, targets and goals.
  • Organizations focus on reducing the Impact of Environmental Aspects, Environmental Incidents / Accidents.
  • Organizations are better prepared to handle Environmental Emergencies.

Which Organization needs ISO 14001 Certification?

Any organisation wishing to build, enhance, or maintain an environmental management system in compliance with its defined environmental policy and standards should adopt ISO 14001 certificate. Any environmental management system can incorporate the requirements of the standard, but to what extent depends on the organization’s location, industry, environmental policy, and product and service offers.

All firms, regardless of size, geography, sector, or industry, should be using ISO 14001 standard.

Why do you really need ISO 14001 Certification?

Executing ISO 14001 Certification helps your organization in helping out the environment emphatically by decreasing the natural effects of your process and accomplishing the related monetary benefits. The certification is sufficient frames the system to carry out pertinent f practices to offer huge advantages to the organization in any industry or area.

ISO 14001 Certification process in Saudi Arabai

Strength of Ascent SAUDI

  • Ascent Saudi provides complete understanding and proper training for personnel that can solve quality issues easily. Ascent Saudi provides training based on a need of the organization and not unnecessary ones in all parts of Riyadh, Jeddah, Al-Khobar, and Dammam.
  • The Ascent Saudi Solutions Architect guides you through the entire ISO 14001 compliance and implementation till the achievement of certification which will give you a sigh of relief.
  • Ascent Saudi helps by imparting the right education regarding coordination and motivation of management and employees to help you achieve ISO 14001 standard conformity.
  • Ascent Saudi provides required training, education, and confidence to employees thus making EMS a regular habit for them which eradicates fear and dopes confidence.
  • Ascent Saudi expert guiding you about the inadequate resources will resolve various problems.
  • Hiring Ascent Saudi can guide you with proper budget knowledge without you paying additional expenses.
  • Ascent Saudi-based Solutions Architects perform a detailed business profile analysis and undertake a gap analysis before the project outline is designed. No repeats and no non-useful documents are ensured.
  • Ascent Saudi facilitates in-depth and professional auditing services that are significantly more stringent than the audits done by certification bodies. This ensures no failure during external audits.
  • Ascent Saudi utilizes methods of making use of available resources within the organization that helps reduce expenses.
  • Ascent Saudi integrates the existing system in a synchronized manner, to demonstrate ISO 14001 conformity.
  • Ascent Saudi works 24X7, to cater to the needs of its customers all over the world. This gives you ample opportunity to demand our services even during the odd hours and holidays.
  • Ascent Saudi has a general practice of complete analysis before an offer is given. It is extremely improbable that the total expenditure goes beyond the budgeted figures unless there are special requirements from the client’s end. “Not a single penny extra”, is a general motto that each Ascent Saudi employee abides by.
  • ISO certification is no longer a painful process. Experience a height of success witnessed never before. Contact us or request a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ISO 14001 obligatory?

It is not a mandatory or regulatory requirement but organizational should consider as a moral obligation & responsibility towards the environment & mother earth.  It helps organizations improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste.

How long does it take to acquire ISO 14001 certification?
Depending upon the size of the organization. Larger the organization more time to get certified and vice versa. Approximately it takes 45 days to 3 months.
What is the cost For ISO 14001 Certification in the Saudi Arabia?
Depending upon the size of the organization cost may vary. The total cost includes consultancy fees and annual audit and certificate fees.
How long does ISO 14001 certification valid for?
The cycle of the certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of certification, subject to the successful conduct of surveillance audits before completion of the 1st & 2nd year respectively.
What is the main objective of ISO 14001?
The main objective of ISO 14001 is to reduce the impact on the environment and managing all statutory regulations.

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