Describe ISO 17020. What exactly does it mean for your company?

An internationally recognized standard for the proficiency of inspection bodies is ISO 17020, titled “General Criteria for the Operation of Various Types of Bodies Performing Inspection.” It is important to distinguish ISO 17020 from ISO 9001, which is only applicable to quality management systems. The technical proficiency of an inspection body is not evaluated by ISO 9001, hence it should not be viewed as an “acceptable” substitute for ISO 17020.

Regardless of the industry involved, this International Standard sets general standards for the proficiency of impartial authorities conducting an inspection. It also includes criteria for independence. This standard ISO/ IEC 17020 is meant to be used by inspection bodies, the organizations that accredit them, as well as other organizations that are interested in recognizing the proficiency of inspection bodies.

Examining the Inspectors

In certain ways, ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17020 are similar. The goal is to guarantee that inspection firms are independent. They also have procedures in place to guarantee the objectivity of their employees. As a result, it serves as a benchmark for approving those who measure things.

Some Differences Between ISO 9001 and ISO 17020

One significant distinction is that ISO 9001 is a “certification standard.” As a result, ISO 9001 must be audited and approved by a certifying agency.

Any industry should be covered by ISO 9001:2015’s specifications. It guarantees that a product or service meets a set level. Similar to ISO 9001, ISO/ IEC 17020 makes use of some of its criteria. Examples include keeping track of nonconforming products or services and keeping written records of corrective actions. The inspection should be rigorous, impartial, and statistically valid, nevertheless.

Adapt ISO 17020/IEC to various management system requirements

Other management systems standards and requirements, including ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, and other ISO management standards, are intended to be compatible with ISO/IEC 17020. Through the use of an Integrated Management system methodology, they can be smoothly integrated. An integrated management system can provide exceptional value for money and an easier way to implement, maintain, and enhance numerous standards at once because they share many of the same concepts.

Similar to ISO 9001 and ISO 17025, ISO 17020 mandates procedures in several crucial areas, such as:

Procedure to make sure that individuals or groups outside the inspection body cannot sway the findings of inspections conducted by the ISO/ IEC 17020-accredited organization

  • Technique for feedback
  • How to take corrective action
  • How to take care of and maintain equipment
  • Method for choosing reliable suppliers
  • The steps involved in buying
  • How to inspect items that have been received by the organization
  • How to choose the right storage facilities
  • Procedure for preserving the integrity of the organization’s data
  • Procedure for assuring the security of the organization’s data production
  • Process for handling faulty equipment
  • The method(s) for carrying out inspections
  • Method(s) for carrying out ad hoc inspections
  • Method(s) to follow to protect inspection objects from deterioration or damage
  • Process for handling concerns
  • Procedure for handling appeals against inspection results

As a minimum addition to the necessary operations, Ascent SAUDI also suggests the following extra procedures:

  • Control of unsatisfactory work
  • Preventive measures
  • Internal control auditing Management review Training equipment calibration Contract review
  • Records control Document control
  • Reporting an inspection’s findings

What we offer in terms of ISO 17020 accreditation

Our expertise with the standards is unmatched as one of the largest ISO / IEC 17020 management system certification consulting firms globally with clients in more than 40 countries. To ensure that you realize the maximum potential of your firm, we know how to fully utilize the advantages of your quality management system.

To ensure that your ISO / IEC 17020 inspection body quality management system accreditation project offers value to your firm, we offer unrivalled expertise and technical ability.

To facilitate the ISO / IEC 17020 accreditation audit, we offer advice, training, internal audits, and pre-assessment audits.

To help our clients and partners on their road toward standardization, compliance, growth, success, and ongoing improvements, we offer our globally influenced-local expertise.

  • Perform a preliminary gap analysis
  • Assist you in setting goals and policies
  • Determine the documentation needs
  • Create tasks and create schedules.
  • Create written materials
  • Organize the creation, production, reviews, and approvals of documents.
  • Prepare the following important paperwork:

            1. Quality Control

            2. Good Manual Practices

            3. Master Document List

  • Control implementation timelines, training, and follow-up procedures.
  • Assist you in choosing a registrar with experience in your sector
  • Create progress reports and status updates
  • Conduct internal audits and training
  • enquire about registration
  • Conduct supplier and vendor audits
  • Surveying clients to determine their satisfaction
  • Create effective system intranets to assist you in managing your documents.

Contact us right away to use our specialized ISO 17020 Certification implementation methodology, which is less time-consuming, quick, easy to understand and implement, result-oriented, time-bound, and cost-effective, to get your organization ISO / IEC 17020 accredited while also realizing the true benefits of the accreditation. Get ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation right away with us.

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