ISO 50001 Standard is the newly revised international standard for Energy Management providing the most robust framework for optimising energy efficiency in public and private sector organizations.

ISO 50001 Certification demonstrates an organization’s commitment to continual improvement in energy management, allowing them to lead by example within their respective industries and ensure related legislative and regulatory requirements are met.

High-level structure for improved compatibility

The incorporation of the “high-level Structure,” which improves compatibility with other standards, is a major advancement in this ISO 5001:2018 version. This will enable an “integrated management system” to simultaneously meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management system standards.

Other changes include a focus on making sure the key ideas related to energy performance are understandable and accessible for small and medium-sized businesses, normalization of environmental performance indicators (EnPIs) and associated energy baselines (EnB), and clarification of the requirements of the energy data collection plan in SMEs.

An organization can aim towards better energy management with the help of the ISO 50001 standard. An organization that has earned this standard’s certification will act in the manner described below:

  • Making an energy policy for the organization and putting it into practice by setting goals and targets
  • Utilizing data analysis to make energy use decisions
  • Evaluating your performance
  • Review and continual development and improvement

Benefits of ISO 50001 Standard

An Energy Management System can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes and industries. Operations, corporate social responsibility, financial, and strategic internal drives will all provide favourable results. Organizations can gain from establishing an Energy Management System under the ISO 50001 Standard framework in the following ways:

1. Environmental: According to an analysis from the Clean Energy Ministerial, the ISO 50001 standard could result in overall energy savings of almost 6 500 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2030, which is the equivalent of taking 215 million automobiles off the road.

2. Cost: Organizations can identify opportunities to cut consumption and hence save money by doing a thorough analysis of how much energy is used, when, and where. The companies that have significantly improved their energy use and environmental practices through the application of management systems using ISO 50001 standard have a strong position all over the world.

3. Compliance: To minimize the possibility of legal obligations, it is a requirement of the standard that all compliance and legal requirements be tracked and met. One excellent illustration is the fact that organizations covered by the UK’s Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) won’t have to go through the evaluation procedure if they have ISO 50001 Certification applied.

4. Reputation: Companies that publicly report on their environmental performance can gain from a decrease in carbon emissions due to the usage of less energy or renewal sources of energy. Certification to this ISO 50001 standard in Saudi can provide a competitive edge from others and is rapidly becoming necessary to save the environment for the future, using resources sustainably. If your company is interested in lowering its carbon footprint or is concerned about energy costs, you should surely apply for ISO 50001 Standard Certification as soon as possible.

5. Increased transparency in the working: For businesses already applied or have ISO 50001 standard in place do not have any underreporting and transparency pressure from shareholders and other groups requiring measurement data, this is advantageous. Additionally, it produces energy savings as a result of the installation of an energy management system and offers a strong framework for corporate carbon and energy management that can help you achieve your goals in the coming years.

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